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UAB Raserna specializes in conventional as well as organic nuts and dried fruits like hazelnuts, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds All of our production comes from Ukraine and Georgia. We are focused on specific products, because we believe that this is the way to ensure the highest quality. In order to meet our clients needs, we bought companies in Ukraine and Georgia. It enables us to offer the best price-to-quality ratio to our clients. Usually, the products are delivered to Lithuania , it is much better to guarantee quality and facilitate direct interaction for EU countries.


We have ISO22000 and ISO9001 international production certification for dried fruits. This let to meet all  regulations in the country and all over the world. It also provides us with a great way to help our clients realize that they always receive the best possible products on the market at prices that they can rely on. We work very hard to ensure that all of our products obtain the best results and they always ship with the same quality. When you deal with UAB Raserna you get professionalism and the job done properly, in a very professional and reliable manner.


We always strive to offer the best terms and we honor our agreements. We expect the same from our partners. We work closely with all of our partners in order to offer the best value with each purchase and we do all in our power to maintain a good attention to detail and professionalism

regardless of the situation. Yes, there will be challenges to overcome at times, but we will always be there for you to help you every step of the way. That’s what makes our offering worth it and you should definitely keep that in mind regardless of the situation.


Our company’s goal is to become a well-known, reliable supplier of walnuts, hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds one that honors its commitments in the field of supply services. We are widely known for our professionalism and attention to detail and because of that we always deliver our 100% in order to offer you high standard products at prices that you can afford. We know how demanding some of these situations might be in the first place and this is why we are always here for you to help regardless of the situation.


We have our own factories and because of that, we have complete control of the products that we share with our clients. That’s what makes a huge difference because with our help you will always be able to bring in front some very good results and you will have no problem delivering the outcome that you always wanted. If you really want quality and great results, opt for us. Our huge experience as a wholesale trader for dried seeds and organic nuts recommends us, so get in touch right now and let us provide you with the best products in the market!


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